now that billie piper has played the moment in the day of the doctor it could be argued that every companion in new who has encountered the doctor in at least one story before officially becoming a companion in an entirely different one (i.e. going on an adventure in the tardis), whether in in-story terms, or because the actor portraying them appeared in the show previously. like,

  • billie played the moment, who took the form of rose, who interacted with the war doctor before rose ever met nine.
  • mickey was a recurring character in series one, but finally joined the tardis crew in series two.
  • (the same could be said of jackie, if much more briefly)
  • if we assume jack really is the face of boe the doctor meets him in the end of the world which is, what, seven or eight episodes before his past much smaller-headed form shows up in the empty child/the doctor dances.
  • freema agyeman played an entirely different character in the army of ghosts, right at the end of series two, before being cast as martha for series three
  • catherine tate was only meant to play donna as a one-off character who turned down the doctor in the runaway bride but after she showed an interest in returning rtd scrapped an entirely new companion for series four and brought donna back instead.
  • similarly, bernard cribbins’ appearance in voyage of the damned was meant to be a one-off cameo, but after the death of howard attfield who had portrayed donna’s dad rtd chose to introduce donna’s grandfather rather than recast, and because bernard was available they jumped at the chance of using him, and because the production was so ahead of time they were able to change his credit in voyage to the same name before broadcast, making the two characters one and the same
  • karen gillan played a soothsayer in the fires of pompeii in series four, well before ever auditioning for the role of amy for series five.
  • the doctor meets river in silence in the library/forest of the dead before ever travelling with her, at least from their perspective.
  • rory was always intended to join the tardis team later in the series, but still, technically he was nowhere near that police box until his second story.
  • and finally jenna coleman showed up unannounced as souffle girl in asylum of the daleks, five episodes earlier than expected, although we later discover she was an echo of clara.

is that actually interesting? probably not, but it’s, like, 5am and i can’t sleep so i was thinking about it. and clearly i had to share. definitely more than enough reason to do the reverse and bring back even more classic companion actors, though. whether as the characters themselves, or completely different ones. i mean, if its good enough for some…

i got tickets for the doctor who world tour screening of s08e01/q&a with peter capaldi and jenna coleman when they’re here next month, which is pretty exciting! being in the same room as people i admire so i get to hear them speak live but never being close enough to actually worry about how awkward i’d be actually interacting with them is my favourite kind of celebrity encounter. 

what are some of your favourite doctor who blogs/people who post about doctor who? i barely follow any and i keep meaning to but it’s kind of daunting when i get down to actually finding them. i’m mostly interested in classic who, but with series eight approaching i’ll be happy to see new who on my dash too, but i don’t have much experience with the eu so blogs specifically about any of that are probably going to be lost on me, sadly.

i’m looking for people who post their own things, be it art, graphics, text posts, etc.—particularly meta and the like—rather than only reblogging things, because i follow some really great blogs like that already! any suggestions?

it’s so weird that (mostly older straight male) doctor who fans complain about teenage girls only liking the show “because they think david tennant’s hot” (as if it would matter if that was literally the only reason someone watched and enjoyed the show, although even a cursory glance at fandom makes it fairly clear it’s usually not) when in older and/or straight male-skewed fan spaces it’s nigh on impossible to avoid conversations that devolve into grossly misogynistic discussions about female companions’ worth based on their looks alone.

nothing any fan could say could make me anywhere near as uncomfortable as seeing old straight men rank female characters based on their “fuckability”, then turn around and accuse teenage girls of being superficial and missing the point of the show…

If you were to do one of these for every Doctor I would definitely love it. Just thought you should know... :)


aw, thank you! we’ll see how it goes. the first doctor was the easiest to tackle because i’ve been rewatching that era with my sister, so it’s fresh in my mind (just three serials left, now! introducing someone to the classic series for the first time is really fun), so it may be a while before i get around to the others—especially if i end up waiting until i’ve watched them again, too, ha—but i do want to! it’s fun, if time consuming.

it may not be straight away, but i’ll be chipping away at it. i have lots of little gif set ideas lying around, just waiting to expand and grow into monstrosities like this one, and that fiftieth gif set i did, so i’ll definitely be posting similar things in the interim, at the very least. because apparently making doctor who gifs has somehow turned into one of my main hobbies without me even realising it, haha.

A mostly chronological collection of almost every identifiable sentient species, machine, and entity—alien, or otherwise—encountered by…

The First Doctor (23 November, 1963—29 October, 1966)

i don’t know what i want more: to see martha back at unit alongside kate stewart and osgood, or to see luke smith show up in a unit story with kate, so we can have “the unit family, mark II”. if we got both at the same time, besides the obvious of kate standing in for the brigadier and luke standing in for sarah jane, there could definitely be a few parallels drawn between other unit personnel from the two eras. harry and martha both being doctor-turned-companions who chose to stay on earth and work with unit, is an obvious example…


"Right, you’ll be held for military trial. Over there for photographs…"

Doctor Who 11x02a Invasion of the Dinosaurs: Episode One (12 January, 1974)

i love that my dashboard has just been filled with invasion of the dinosaurs since the trailer for series eight was released. dinosaurs as far as the eye can see.


Nine trying to send a distress signal to any potential other survivor of the Time War. That’s not a good idea.

Inspired (a couple of months ago) by this picture made by this user on DA.