My favourite thing is that Sarah Jane calls her son Luke, which is the name of Saint Luke, also known as: The Beloved Physician.

So The Doctor did, canonically, have a companion’s child named after him.

i’m pretty sure this was a reference to the earthquake caused by “margaret” slitheen opening the rift in cardiff in boom town, the same rift the tardis has landed on when they’re actually having this conversation, rather than the missile attack on number ten downing street in world war three. not that it really matters, but there you go.

i know it’s been a couple of days but i’m still kind of buzzing about deep breath, i really loved peter’s take on the doctor, and i just want it to be the twenty-fourth already so i can see it again and start to hear other people’s opinions.


Watch Peter Capaldi get a standing ovation after his dramatic entrance to the Sydney Q&A!

i was at the doctor who world tour screening/q&a earlier and i had a lot of fun, jenna and peter are so funny and cute together! i won’t post any spoilers or anything about deep breath until it’s actually aired, but i really enjoyed it. peter’s just fab, he’s everything i want the doctor to be and more, i’m itching to watch it again already. i really liked the new opening titles, too.

actually, both peter and jenna specifically asked the audience not to reveal anything about it to other people because they (and by extension, moffat) want people to go in fresh so things are a surprise, although peter then added, “so of course we took it on a world tour and showed it to a bunch of people,” so it’s not like they’ve got high hopes of total secrecy, particularly after all those leaks, but there you go.

the reason they didn’t livestream the q&a from sydney like they did seoul is because they moved it to after the screening so they could actually talk about what happens in the first episode, which makes sense, but it really was the focus of most of the questions so there aren’t many things to share that aren’t related but some highlights of things that are spoiler-free were (my “quotes” are totally paraphrasing, i wasn’t taking notes or anything so i could have misremembered literally everything, haha, sorry):

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But you wanna know what they’re fighting over? Not plot. Not TARDIS romance. Not characterisation. Not whatever personal vendettas you’ve got stewing in your little skulls.

This is what they are fighting over:



Congratulations, fandom. You wanted two old Scottish nerds to fight, and by God, that is exactly what you got.

I don’t really care much about how they looked, but I looooooooooved how theeeeey soundeeeeed

No but what I really want to know is who is on what side of the Tenth Planet debate

peter loves the mondasian cybermen! just in case you were worried. he talked about how he wants them to come back, and how creepy he finds them, and steven dismissed their return because he thinks they look like “boys with jumpers pulled over their heads”, but went on to say they’re not fighting about which cybermen are better. [x]

i just finished my new who rewatch with my mum (she found it easier to follow all in a row, rather than with huge gaps between episodes like when it aired) just in time for the deep breath screening and q&a tomorrow, which is exciting! i always really liked the eleventh doctor, but watching his run all in one go right after the tenth doctor’s it’s actually really great, matt smith is definitely one of my faves. not that i can ever narrow down the doctors to an actual favourite, but he’s definitely near the top of the heap. 

i love the fact the time of the doctor is just peppered with little call-backs and references to not only different aspects of his doctor, but also to every past regeneration, too. i mean, i noticed things like aging to have hartnell-esque hair and a cane, referring to the tardis as his “motor” (which i took as a nod to bessie), the rassilon seal from the five doctors, tapping his nose like tom baker, sending clara home like the ninth doctor did rose, talking about the tenth doctor’s vanity and the war doctor’s existence, handles’ k-9-like “affirmative”s, the drawings of past adventures, the puppet show with the monoid, and at a stretch even the doctor being stranded on a planet for an extended period of time like i know the eighth doctor does in the audios or something because it’s brought up all the time whenever anyone mentions the doctor’s age (don’t mention the doctor’s age), so i’m assuming there’s a nod to all the others and then some that just went over my head, but what would i know.

either way, it all comes together and gives real weight to his final speech about always remembering the people he used to be. it’s a proper celebration of who the doctor is, despite the slightly morose overtones, which is what a regeneration story should be, really. not a favourite episode, but it’s a fitting send-off. and now i’m extra excited for capaldi. i just like doctor who more and more the more i watch it, tbh. maybe i need more hobbies.

doctor who's hit-rate with main cast members who play off of each other really well in interviews and the like is insanely high, even between people who didn't actually appear on the show together. like, i don't know what the casting people have been doing but i'm not entirely sure it doen't involve some kind of magic. possibly some bargaining with the devil.

has anyone uploaded the full doctor who world tour seoul q&a yet? the video’s still set to private on youtube and i wouldn’t be surprised if they’re planning to put together, like, a highlight reel of the q&as at some point, but people are still posting gifs and things so i know that the video must exist somewhere. just curious to see it.