i’m slowly expanding my doctor who dvd collection. i’ve got the war games and the mannequin mania boxset (spearhead from space and terror of the autons) on their way rn, because i found them on sale, so i’m pretty excited! i love those stories. i still remember drawing out the war games for as long as i possibly could without driving myself crazy to hold on to my time with patrick troughton and co. for just a little longer, but after the intense sadness from both the end of his era and the story itself, putting on spearhead from space right after was such a shock to the system. a nice shock, though.

besides the shift in tone and format for the show as a whole with the introduction of jon pertwee and the beginning of the third doctor’s exile on earth, just seeing that bright red when the opening titles first start after that expanse of black and white episodes tells you straight away things are going to be different. it sounds kind of silly, seeing as i’d clearly seen colour television before that, but there’s something about that moment that still struck me. despite my sadness over the fate of the second doctor, jamie, and zoe, i couldn’t stop grinning the entire four episodes the first time around, so i’m looking forward to getting to watch them again. we’ll see if i get sucked in just as easily.

and i’m not forgetting terror of the autons, of course. roger delgado really is my favourite master, i’m so excited to get to rewatch his run, and share the experience of meeting the master for the first with my sister once we get up to there. i mean, the same can be said for a vast majority of classic who—one, two, three, four, and seven’s stories especially—but roger delgado and jon pertwee together is definitely near the top of the list of things i’m most excited to re-experience, especially with someone who’s never seen it before. i just love doctor who a whole lot. sharing it with people is one of the best parts.

god, sorry, i’m done rambling now. i should probably sleep, it’s nearly 5am already. sitting thinking about dumb sci-fi shows is not as adequate a replacement for sleep as you might think! at least it makes me happy, i guess, haha. night all.

i know it’s basically impossible considering the sheer size of the production, and the intense scrutiny the show is under in the press, but i can’t stop thinking of how exciting a surprise regeneration would be. like, a genuine surprise. no fore-warning, no announcement, no special event advertising, just a run-of-the-mill episode sometime mid-season, everything as normal as doctor who can be, but the doctor doesn’t make it to the end. can you imagine how amazing that would be, going into a story with one doctor and coming out the other wise with a completely new one without even an inkling it was coming?

the closest thing to that we’ve had was the night of the doctor but it’s not really the same thing. since their inception regenerations have been an event, something talked about endlessly before and after the fact, something to be prepared for, but structuring a new doctor’s whole entrance around the fact no one was prepared for them would be really interesting. actually putting the audience through the very same shock companion(s) experience before having to adapt to the change is definitely one approach that hasn’t been done.

there’s clearly a reason regenerations aren’t done this way, they’re a time to celebrate the outgoing actor and incarnation, a passing of the torch moment, but story and character-wise it would be so great. no time for goodbyes, no closure, this is it, you’re stuck with this new person who’s totally different, yet exactly the same. structure the entire rest of the season around the new doctor regaining the companion(s) trust, and the audience’s by extension, before finally giving the outgoing doctor a proper send-off in some way. possibly a multi-doctor episode with the new doctor meeting the old shortly before their untimely regeneration, with the old doctor mistaking the future incarnation of the companion(s) as their own, dragging them and their future self into one last adventure while the companion(s) desperately try not to give away what’s to come. 

i mean, obviously it would never happen, the impracticalities are endless, and it would be way too risky purposefully alienating everyone like that with the threat of audiences just tuning out in droves before the pay-off, but i keep thinking about it anyway.

Doctors and companions present a check to Children in Need in 1985.

i love lalla ward’s romana, i really do, but i still wish things had gone down differently behind the scenes so mary tamm would have felt comfortable doing another season. she was really great, it’s a shame things didn’t work out.

"Over five hundred years ago there were two races on this planet. We, the Daleks, and the Thals. After the neutronic war, our Dalek forefathers retired into the city, protected by our machines."
“And the Thals?”
“Most of them perished in the war, but we know that there are survivors. They must be disgustingly mutated, but the fact that they have survived tells us they must have a drug that preserves the life force.”

Doctor Who 1x02b The Daleks: The Survivors (28 December, 1963)
written by Terry Nation, directed by Christopher Barry

have the daleks ever actually shot to temporarily paralyse, rather than kill, since their very first serial? i know they’re meant to have developed into these ruthless killing machines, or whatever, but they do sometimes take prisoners. not everyone would come quietly under threat of death, especially if they know the daleks don’t want them dead. there’s not always going to be someone they care about to threaten and use as leverage, surely.

i was going to say that would probably work as a good cliffhanger, having someone being shot by a dalek, only to reveal in the next episode they were only incapacitated, but after captain jack’s resurrection in the parting of the ways, and the doctor’s partial regeneration in journey’s end, it probably wouldn’t have that much of an impact. we’d probably assume they weren’t really dead, anyway. whatever. ignore me.

but i’m still wondering whether their non-lethal guns have made a reappearance. i don’t think they have, but i could be wrong.

"I hate it as much as you. I’m just as afraid. But what can we do?"
“Well, we could at least stay near the ship.”
“The ship’s no good without him.”

Doctor Who 1x02a The Daleks: The Dead Planet (21 December, 1963)
written by Terry Nation, directed by Christopher Barry

"Everyone cannot be leader."
“No, that’s perfectly true, but in our tribe the firemaker is the least important man.”
“Ha! I do not believe this.”
“He is the least important because we can all make fire.”

Doctor Who 1x01d 100,000 BC: The Firemaker (14 December, 1963)
written by Anthony Coburn, directed by Waris Hussein

my sister’s been collecting these doctor who collector card things, they’re like top trumps or whatever, because one of the kids she nannies collects them, too, and she showed me the list of cards that are available because she was excited that because she’s started watching classic who she now recognises more of the characters/aliens, but i’m so confused by it because they’ve included things like “dalek space ship”, tegana from marco polo, and all the pirates from curse of the black spot (i didn’t even know most of them had names), but they’re missing a ton of companions, like ian, steven, dodo and mel, and they don’t even count k-9 as a companion.

like, they’ve included katarina and sara kingdom, and are a bunch of different version of amy—amelia pond, amy pond, amy pond holding melanie pond—but one of the very first companions doesn’t get a look in??? and the whole concept of pitting most of these characters against each other at all is so odd half of the time. i mean, the amount of “good guys” outnumbers the “enemies” by far, so essentially half the time it’s just in-fighting.

my sister told me that she played it with the nine year-old boy who started her collecting them and he had to use is tenth doctor card against her rose card, so to him it was like they’d turned on each other. when he won he was like, “he killed rose.” it’s so weird to put kids into that sort of mindset, what were they thinking!?

i really love strange doctor who merchandise.

Good morning, lovely! I hope your day is as utterly brilliant as you are!

i don’t know what prompted this, but thank you, stranger! feeling more sleepy than brilliant at the moment, but that’s okay, too.